The NEXT Prep Series


Stay accountable towards preparation with friends.
                                                                                                                    – By Anuj Pachhel


Preparation for a competitive exam can be hard, especially if we are stuck alone in our homes, motivation sometimes can be difficult to come by and life may feel monotonous. The only way to get around this is by making a habit so that we don’t need motivation each day to get started for projects, it is usually said that forming a habit takes 21 days of repetition, and with each passing day, you no longer have to think about doing an action, you just go ahead and do it.

For this exact reason, I invite you to be part of a group of students, who are preparing for NEXT, and let’s walk this path together so that we all push ourselves a little more than we can. No matter if your prep is almost over or not even begun, participating will give you an experience you will thank yourself for later, don’t let the fear of judgment stop you from doing great things.

I’m starting this series on my channel, your story will be featured in it, along with the stories of other members who made it till the end.


Here are the criteria for participation.


  1. MBBS students only, specifically those preparing for NEXT. (including 17 batch)

  2. If you start once you can’t get out for 21 days.

  3. Date of joining 1st Feb, ending date 21st Feb.

  4. Join with a close friend to stay accountable (not compulsory). 


The game rules


The game is for 21 days, starts on the 1st of Feb.


Set achievable goals for yourself for the span of the game, and daily steps in order to reach that goal. Eg. Completing Psyc and Gyne Q banks + lectures of Surgery.

Daily objectives are constant and have to be done no matter what, birthday or otherwise, the only time when you can decide to break the streak is: Health issues, university exams, Zombies, Alien invasion.


Record a video on your phone, with good audio quality (speak loudly), and every 5th day record your progress, by showing Qbank tracker (if applicable), notes progress, subject progress, and thoughts on how (if) this is helping you. 


At the end of the game, show your progress to the camera, how much you have achieved in one month, including but not restricted to Qbank tracker, video progress, notes progress + share your experience and would you do it again.


Upload all the footage to your google drive under a folder named “Next prep: *Month* – *Name*” i.e for me it will be “Next Prep: February – Anuj Pachhel”
Please note: You don’t have to upload the videos every 5 days, upload everything at once when the game is complete, and then share the folder link with us.


Open sharing link to anyone with the link can view

Email us at: with the subject Next Prep story submission, if you wish to you can share your thoughts personally on the mail.


The last date for submission is 22nd Feb 2022, 10 PM.

I’ll feature your story in my video!

How to enroll:


Email us at:, telling us a bit about you, your name, your current year of study, your college, and your goals for the next 21 days.


Get a confirmation from our team that you are in the game, and begin to study!


At any point during the game, if you wish to connect to another random student to be your study buddy for the 21 days (or the number of days left) we will pair you guys up for better accountability. 


Feel free to share your thoughts about how this game is helping you/ not helping you to beat the monotony at any point during the game span.


If you wish to get out, simply email us that you wish to opt-out, and we will try our best to not let you go, when times are hard, we gotta support each other.


The last date for submission is 22nd Feb 2022, 10 PM. Responses after this date, will not be accepted in the video.

Thank you!


Anuj Pachhel 

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