Final Year MBBS Books - Anuj Pachhel

Hello everyone, Here is the list of books I used for my final year of MBBS.
I am Anuj Pachhel, and this is my personal preference.


Theory : Archit Boloor + Ocassional  References for special topics like stroke and anemia from Harrison’s text of internal medicine.
Practical : Archit Boloor Practical Medicine + Kundu (Kundu helps in answering questions like name 10 causes of hepatosplenomegaly, Boloor helps in integrating theory and practical together) 


Theory : SRB, But I recommend using Manipal to my juniors. Baley for special topics like GIT and GUT
Practical : Makhanlal Shah + S Das + Vipul Yagnik (Hidden Gem) + Pratik Patil and Thakkar

Orthopeadics : Mahewashwari and Marrow Ed 6 Notes + My own notes from college postings. 


Theory: Use Marrow Ed6. It will suffice, for both obs and gyn. Can add Dutta or shaw for your own satisfaction
Practical: Marrow Notes + PDFs I got from seniors (college specific)


Theory: OP Ghai (not a very good book) + Marrow Notes + Practical book of Lakshmanswami
Practical: Lakshmanswami + Chedda + Pratik Patil and Thakkar

Some other resources

1. The White Army Youtube channel videos 
2. Patil and Thakkar
3. Bhalani for PYQs
4. Marrow Notes
5. DAMS ECG notes
6. MD Radiology App (free)
7. Some of my friends suggested : Ghanshyam Vaidya

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