Which iPad Should I buy as a student? iPad 8th gen / iPad Air 4 / iPad Pro ?

Hello everyone, welcome back to my website in this blog post. I will help you decide which iPad is correct for you. 

Let us start by asking ourselves what exactly do we need an iPad for?  If you are a student then you will answer by studying,  reading books,  taking notes,  watch  YouTube videos on my channel,  watching Netflix,  playing games,  editing videos,  making PowerPoint presentations,  making documents,  singing and writing documents,  creating images for your college, or your YouTube channel,  and just having a bigger screen to do the normal things.  And that’s precisely what this device is capable of. 

 If these are your requirements,  where the majority of the tasks are concentrated on life as a student,  then I feel like the 8th generation iPad is perfect for you,  speak which one you should get,  I feel like the 128Gb version is the one you should go for.  Let me tell you why.  Whenever we are buying Technology,  we don’t have to think about our current needs,  we also have to think about our future needs.  because what you are wearing today will probably stay with you for the next five or seven years.  in the modern-day 32 gigabytes is doable for you,  but is it really practical that for the next five years these 32 gigabytes will sustain.  the answer is probably not.  hence it’s ok if you spend a few thousand rupees just to upgrade it to 128GB.  in the future, you will thank yourself. 

 to answer the next question we have which version should we buy,  the Wi-Fi only version or the Wi-Fi + cellular variety,  and the answer to that is the reason why you require a cellular version is because you can enable mobile data and browse without Wi-Fi.  Personally speaking, I feel like since the jio Era is here in India,  everyone has a smartphone with enough data that they can share with their iPad.  so in iPad with the Wi-Fi only version,  it is just as capable as the one with cellular Plus Wi-Fi.  you just have to turn your mobile hotspot and connect your iPad with your phone to get the same experience.  so I think you should save some amount of cash and go with the Wi-Fi only version. 

 So in all, I would recommend for a beginner,  the iPad 8th generation Wi-Fi only version with 128Gb of space. 

Talking about the accessory,  the keyboard, and the pencil.  As far as the capabilities of the iPad are considered,  adding the pencil increases the capability to buy a lot.  If you are planning on a lot of note-taking,  then without the  Apple Pencil,  it’s not going to be worth it.  and I personally feel like the iPad without the Apple pencil is incomplete.  The battery of the Apple pencil lasts around a day easily,  and even when the battery is not there,  you can just charge it within 15 to 20 minutes, which will last you a day.

 Speaking about the keyboard,  the keyboard available is a smart folio keyboard for the iPad 8th generation,  it’s according to me an accessory that is optional.  Personally, I did not have any kind of keyboard for the entire period where I vigorously used my older 6th generation iPad.  though sometimes I wished that it was there,  For example when I was doing heavy typing work such as writing questions from the textbooks. If you are looking forward to video editing on the iPad then I would suggest you get yourself a keyboard.

 so in my opinion the keyboard is again optional.

So my final recommendations for a beginner who is just getting into the Apple ecosystem,  who is also a student and is trying to be more productive in 2021,  I would suggest the iPad 8th generation 128 GB Wi-Fi only version with the Apple pencil 1st generation.  keyboard only for students who are looking forward to becoming creators such as myself.

Now let’s talk about students who wish to have a faster processor and some additional features over the normal iPad,  for example, a bigger screen size,  a magnetic way to charge your pencil,  in general, a more beautiful display,  and a smoother experience.

Please keep in mind when I say a smoother experience,  I don’t mean that the experience would be rough If you were to buy the 8th generation iPad,  and when I say faster processor,  I don’t mean the 8th generation is slow in any way.

For students who also want to indulge more in creative work,  and also have the flexibility to use the Apple pencil for note-taking and the versatility of the iPad,  I would suggest the iPad Air 4.  The reason I am suggesting this is,  personally speaking, it is all that a student needs.  If you want to be a video creator you can be one using this one.  as the magic keyboard allows you to have a proper laptop-like experience,  and the faster chip inside helps you have a smoother video editing experience.  For taking notes your Apple pencil is always charged as it is magnetically e connected and charging.  and for browsing the internet it is excellent because the screen is bigger and brighter.  Again please note that this in any way does not mean that the eighth generation 1 will like this feature,  it’s just that they are slightly better in the iPad Air 4. 

 a question that arises over here is that if you are spending so much to buy a device then why not directly buy a MacBook.  and the answer to that is the iPad has the Apple pencil support,  you can use it directly for taking notes,  or making the iPad your Canvas.  Of course, MacBooks are great, But since they don’t have the Apple pencil support,  for a student who is really looking forward to watching videos on apps like marrow and taking notes,  the iPad is the perfect device.  Speaking about an Indian medical student such as myself, we are heavily dependent on apps to suggest marrow for preparing for competitive exams ahead of us.  marrow videos cannot play on a computer.  On a computer, you can only give tests and test series.  so if you are buying a MacBook for taking notes and watching videos from your subscription series,  then it is not going to work out for you.  If you are an engineer who is heavily into coding and developing things such as websites, apps, or programs,  then of course the Macbook is the gold standard choice for you.  but as a medical student, I feel like the iPad is better. 

Coming back to a discussion about the iPad Air 4,  if you are spending this amount of money,  then I guess you should go with the higher storage version because of course, the reason that you are buying it is much more than just not taking and watching videos,  stuff like video editing photo editing content creation, in general, requires higher storage.  so the 256 GB version is ideal for you.  Here you must ask yourself the question,  will 256 GB last me for 5 years,  and the answer to that for most people is yes.  talking about the accessories over here the Apple pencil is a must like I’ve already told you.  without it the iPad experience is incomplete.  talking about the keyboard itself,  the one I would suggest you is the magic keyboard,  the reason is that you are buying an iPad not just from a student’s perspective but also for creators perspective,  a create a requires a keyboard and mouse or a trackpad,  here you can have both by the magic keyboard. The Other Keyboard which is available is a smart folio keyboard with,  great typing experience,  but it lacks a cursor on Mouse.  it’s your choice completely as to which one to opt for.  Again, think really hard whether you want to spend this much money,  because if you are not planning it for creative uses then almost all of your needs can be fulfilled by the eighth generation iPad.

Now let’s talk about the iPad Pro.  The only reason that I can think of people buying the pro is because of the bigger screen size.  The pro allows the screen size up to 12.9 inches,  which is extremely large,  this gives you a very large Canvas for doing all your activities.  for students I really think that this is not necessary.  for people who are into creative work such as painters artists graphic designers animation artists,  for people who write comics or Doodles,  this is for them.  as a medical student literally, everything that you can think of doing in your iPad Pro can be done in your iPad Air.  so if you find yourself in any of these categories the iPad Pro with apple pencil 2nd generation is the best for you. 

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 Alright, hope to see you again very soon!  take care, my friends, 😀 

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