Issue #6 The Motivation Problem

Hello everyone!
Apologies for not sending the newsletter last week I was pretty busy with all the studies. Hopefully, this newsletter covers both of the weeks.

First of all, I would like to ask you how are you doing? Is everyone you love alright? The cases are increasing tremendously. So please take extra precautions. Wear your mask, don’t forget to wash your hands, and stay inside if possible.

So you may or may not have heard that our exams were postponed due to unknown reasons. That actually pushed us back 5 weeks. The new date is the 19th of April. Now this gives me a lot of problems which I’ll probably be discussing in the video release on Sunday. But one important problem that it gave me was motivation-related, I’ve talked about motivation and how it’s being something that drives us to do that particular thing. If I have an exam in front of me I will be much more motivated to stay productive.

Anyways how we can tackle this is by telling ourselves that exams are not our final goal. Our final goal is knowledge and if you can strive towards knowledge and learn for knowledge then I think our motivation in some ways can be brought back, another way which you can do this is by studying with your friends or studying in groups, at least virtually impossible so that you keep each other motivated.

I had an interesting conversation this week which lead to a series of thoughts and I came to a conclusion that a lot of the knowledge that we keep in our brain is stored in our short term memory Like I Remember knowing everything about everything going towards my Social Studies examination back in class 10th in the morning and in the next day I had forgotten 20-30% of it. There is a very popular belief that people tell me: don’t read anything on the morning of the exam or just before the exam, but I feel like okay even if you are reading that doesn’t really harm you because whatever you are going to be reading is going to be staying in your short term memory which will be very easy to reciprocate once that particular question comes in the paper what are your thoughts upon this I would love to know.

This is also the week where I will be doing some filming and editing so that the videos in the future of this month are prepared beforehand so that of course I can study a lot. If you want to request a video you can reply to this email.

Another thing that I have been working on this week is hiring people for my app, as we are currently developing version 2 which has some seriously big updates. I need a lot of people to work with because I alone can’t do it. So there have been a lot of meetings as well this week. What is also going through my mind is conducting a zoom session or Google meet session with you guys, the people who have signed up to my newsletter, the reason is among all my followers and friends and fans I feel like I am the most connected to all of you because you’ve actually read the emails that I sent you, and also this would help me develop the community sense that should be present in every channel. This week I’ve also been playing a lot of Minecraft because I did not catch up once I was hardcore in preparation mode and probably this will be the last week of playing the game as well.

In all, I did not study much this week (Zero Regrets!). I had a lot of fun, met and interviewed a lot of people online, and shot a lot of awesome videos.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts by replying to this email, and have a fantastic week ahead!



“Growth is always slow, trust the process and keep striving to be the best!”

Content I enjoyed this week
1) Zach’s Justice League – #opinion Better than Endgame
2) Green Room – A suspense thriller!

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