Issue #5 – it’s That Time of the Year Again!

Hello everyone!
You probably know me as the person who studies a lot, and who motivates others to study a lot, Yet when exams are 17 days away, I still feel like there’s a lot of things I need to revise.

This week has been a very productive one for me, studying almost 9 hours each day, I mean, that’s usually what I aim for anyway, I am seeing my friends work even harder than me, and that’s just honestly so motivating to watch, you call your friend in the morning and ask them what they are doing, and they are studying, and then you call them in the night and still that studying. What I am really missing during this exam preparation phase are libraries. During this time libraries in medical colleges are filled with students just sitting and reading for 10 or 20 hours, motivated by seeing other students doing the same, given the fact that the coronavirus cases are going up so fast, libraries are very risky to visit.

From my entire experience of the second year and first year, what I can tell you is that revision is the only key to remembering stuff. and selective reading is the key to better exam preparation.

Let’s take an example,

There is so much content in every subject. Let us say we talk about microbiology, this general micro, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, mycology, immunology, and miscellaneous topics… each of these sub-topics, these have further sub-topics within them, remembering every single thing, is difficult. so have resorted to reading the important topics first and then probably the non-important topics.

I’ve also been thinking about my YouTube channel, about what is going to roll in the next few weeks, I can’t give my channel any more time, and YouTube is such a thing that it requires constant input in order to grow. Thankfully I have some videos prepared, but there is always the itch in the back of your mind that tells you that maybe this video will not perform good, and the weird thing is that whenever I think that a video will not perform well it actually shatters all the records and performs the best, coming back to the topic, since I am not actively putting a lot of time towards my channel, I feel like the videos won’t work. This is a trick that my brain is playing with me. Even the videos are super awesome and I watched them like 10 times already. Let me know by replying to this email what are the weird tricks that your brain plays with you.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week ahead.


“Never give up!”

Content I enjoyed this week
1) WandaVision! What an Epic series, I recommend this to watch in your free time!
2) The Good Dinosaur – You will probably shed a tear or two in the end!

Thank you for reading! If you liked it, please let me know by replying to this mail itself! I really appreciate your direct feedback!