Newsletter issue #3 – Immortalized

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, thank you so much for all the messages that you have been giving in the newsletter, they really mean a lot to me, and I think it allows me another way to communicate with you all, each Friday when I set down to write a new newsletter, I am very excited, in a way this newsletter is documenting my life story 1 week at a time, all the thoughts that occurred to me when I am living my life, all the experiences that I’ve gotten so far, shape this one piece.

One thing which I regret deeply is that my school did not allow us to have mobile phones into the classroom, now I can understand why is it they did that, because now in college I see a lot of people just using the mobile phones while the class is going on, the reason why did not like this thing is that, school is one of the most exciting part of our journey on this earth, and our brain is still developing at the time, there’s not a lot we can remember from it, the only way we can remember it is by looking at Old photographs and old videos, I went to school for 10 years and the total footage I have of my school is not even 40 minutes, that’s more than the recording of a single video that I make, can you imagine 10 years worth of experiences but no way to experience that again, are human minds are built to store things temporally, Only a few things become or permanent memory, and that is actually a good thing because if we keep on adding things to our mind then it will just run out of Space at some point, what we can do however is record all of a thoughts into our cameras, not necessarily recording to share it, but recording so that we remember.
There is a very famous quote that says if, The only things which are dead are the things we don’t remember. and that is so true, Shakespeare is not alive, but he is alive, we can read his thoughts, we can read about his life, if we can read about his friends, by reading about a person’s thoughts and persons and environment, we’re actually reading a person. The way to be Immortal is to give the world peace of yourself, a small piece which represents who you are, from one hundred years of life that you can get, if you record just one year of it, throughout our journey on earth, we would be immortalized.

Now, this is a very deep thought I got when I was watching one of my old videos, the one I watched was of organ exhibition, I will link it down below, what that video reminded me is that there are so many moments that happened during that day that I did not remember, I met so many people that I don’t even know, and they would have been forgotten if it was not for my camera, I am so glad I recorded everything that happened with us in those three days, looking back at my own footage I felt like traveling back in time. when I look back at some of my more videos, such as a study with me I made called no procrastination, it was one of the videos which actually got a lot of attention, that video immediately transported me into the month of May of 2020, if this is not time travel then what is, like a certain smell will take you to a certain place and time, that you thought was almost a thing which you would never remember.
So for all of you guys out there, I request you, record everything that is going on in your life, not to put it out there but to remember. After a decade of this newsletter being released, you will thank yourself, for making things around you immortal.
#Motivation“The most difficult part about anything is starting”
Movies I enjoyed this week:

1) Mirage: Just Watch it!
2) The Wandering Earth: For the VFX.Videos Released this week

Thanks a lot for reading!