Newsletter Issue #2: the Most Important thing I do

Everybody has 24 hours in a day. It is how we use these 24 hours that matters. From being on YouTube what I have learned is that if you plan your stuff ahead of time, and start preparing the way before the deadline, the amount of stress is very low, and the amount of work done every day is very high, that is we are very productive if we plan a day before the day has arrived.

As you might know, I have my University examinations from the last week of March to some part of April, these are very tough examinations, even though I have studied everything, a lot of division is required before atom them,  managing YouTube,  especially making and editing videos, during an before exams, is out of the question, so what I did last month is that, planned out everything, tried to shoot almost all the videos coming out in March and April,  and in this week I tried to edit them all, what this will allow me to do is that I will go on a complete break for around two months,  but the videos will keep on coming, I will occasionally reply to some comments, and have a maximum of my attention for my studies. Now imagine if I did not plan any of this,  imagine if I thought only of the present and not of the future, I would be so stressed right now,  thinking how will I manage YouTube when my exams are coming up,  even though it was very hard to do 3 months of work in one month, thinking about the future gives me enough motivation to continue working. 

The same exact thing applies to studies as well, if you think about the future perhaps a month ahead,  you have a birds-eye view, about what you want to actually achieve this month,  if you don’t do this and only focus on the present day, then you are wasting valuable time. I would like to associate a quote over here: knowing what you are aiming for,  not just gives you clarity on how to achieve it,  but also the strength to pursue it. this quote is by me. 

So if you are a student,  if you are a YouTuber,  if you are a content creator,  and more importantly if you want to get ahead in life,  planning is the number one thing that you should do, without a plan,  nothing will happen. 

Hence the most important thing that I do each month is planning out what every day is going to look like,  considering different factors.  this is flexible,  some of the days can get interchanged,  but more or less what  I think of doing each month is usually achieved by the end of it.


“The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.”
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Books I’m Reading this week

  1. The Diary of a Wimpy kid: The Getaway
  2. Sastri and Bhat: Microbiology

Videos Released this week: 

A Video on Time Table and Scheduling: 

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